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We help our clients achieve their compliance and business goals in every EDRMS project. Goals should be met in a provable, measureable manner via a process that is minimally disruptive to the organization, and as financially efficient as possible.
Project Management
Anyone can manage a project. But EDRMS projects are different than typical IT software implementations. We manage projects based on our methodology, which ensures measurable, sustainable results. We address not just the software, but the people, the organizational change, the technology, the legal compliance, and the business needs when we manage EDRMS projects.
We understand EDRMS software products, and the technology behind them. We’ve designed and built some of the world’s leading EDRMS products. We have deep experience with the traditional ECM-based offerings from vendors such as IBM, Documentum, and Hewlett Packard, as well as the newer Microsoft SharePoint add-in products such as Collabware, RecordPoint, GimmalSoft, and KnowledgeLake. We understand these capabilities and limitations. We know how to apply these products to maximum advantage for your particular business requirements.
Anybody can buy a software product and install it. But that does not necessarily mean successful adoption and attainment of business goals. RIMtech cannot guarantee success of any project. But we apply RIMtech’s proven EDRMS Implementation Methodology to all our projects. Developed over 15 years of hard-won experience, this approach removes the risk of project failure, and greatly increases the chance of successful adoption and measureable results. 
Recordkeeping is a science and an art. Electronic recordkeeping introduces a whole different set of challenges from traditional paper-based records management. We understand these challenges. Success requires not just technology, but deep organizational change to support electronic recordkeeping. That’s why two-thirds of all our projects involve organizational change.

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