Where Software Meets Recordkeeping 

Information Governance


We can help you develop a detailed, effective and sustainable Information Governance Plan (IGP).

  • Develop high-level or detailed IGP
  • Establish a governance council
  • Define critical performance measurements and monitoring processes
  • Define appropriate lifecycle management for records and non-records
  • Key stakeholder roles and responsibilities
  • Establish supporting policies and business procedures

Software Evaluation & Assessment


Which software is right for your organization? RIMtech can help you develop a short list of candidates, review
and assess final candidates, and recommend a product that best fits your specific requirements.

  •  Develop high-level and detailed requirements
  • Short-list final candidates
  • Assess and test candidate software
  • Interview vendors and/or clients
  • Product cost analysis
  • Develop evaluation and test criteria
  •  Recommend best-fit solution, vendor and negotiate contract

Readiness Assessment


RIMtech can assess your organization’s readiness to implement electronic recordkeeping and identify any

  • Review of critical success factors
  • Identify resource requirements
  • Identify any structural deficiencies
  • Propose remediation of gaps
  • Identify strategic alternatives
  • Risk Assessment
  • Project projections and costs
  •  Identify and prioritize supporting business rationale
  • Identify external regulatory and other obligations
  • Assess/review applicable internal policy
  • Quantify total cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Project Risk assessment
  • Multi-option scenarios
  • Identify risks and mitigation strategies

Business Case Preparation


In this economic climate, the competition
for EDRMS funding is fierce. A compelling business case is an essential first step in any project. RIMtech can help prepare a realistic and compelling business
case, tied tightly to the specific mission and goals of the organization.

Advisory Services

RIMtech can help you understand, prepare for, select and implement electronic recordkeeping. We help you answer the
following types of questions and conundrums:

  • Why do so many EDRMS projects fail?
  • How can we meet our compliance obligations?
  • How can we measure EDRMS Success?
  • What software is the best fit for our requirements?
  • Do we need US DoD 5015.2 certification?
  • How do I achieve the target adoption rate?
  • Can we use Microsoft SharePoint to manage our electronic records?
  • How to integrate SharePoint with existing recordkeeping systems?
  • What costs and resources are needed to implement EDRMS?
  • Are we ready for an EDRMS project?
  • Is our retention schedule adequate for EDRMS?
  • How can I implement a strong information governance plan?