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ARMA Certificate Program

Some of RIMtech's educate seminars are accredited by ARMA International. This means you may, at your option, pursue an ARMA  SharePoint®Records Management Certificate following the completion of the course. There is a $100 charge for this, payable to ARMA International. 

The SharePoint® Records Management Certificate is a certificate program, which is a non degree-granting training program consisting of a learning event designed to educate or train individuals to achieve specific learning outcomes for a specific topic or focused group of topics within a discipline. Participants earn the  certificate (like a diploma) after all program requisites, including completion of a specific training program and successful completion of a comprehensive assessment, have been achieved. Individuals can then list the
attainment on résumés or in signature lines, such as with ARMA International’s SharePoint® Records Management Certificate program: “SharePoint® Records Management Certificate Holder” and "CH-SPRM". There are no ongoing requirements to maintain a certificate, such as continuing education, reassessment, or renewal fees. Certificates award a certificate (like a diploma) so that individuals can list the attainment on résumés such as ARMA International’s SharePoint® Records Management Certificate Holder.

If you attain the Certificate, you will also earn 13.0 credits of ICRM Maintenance.