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Association of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA)
State and Provincial Chapters, International Conference, National Conference (Canada), Hawaii, Singapore
Educational Institutions
Toronto University, York University
Private Conference Organizations
IQPC, Federated Press, Marcus-Evans, MER (Cohasset)
Recordkeeping Organizations
IT Organizations and Conferences
Gilbane, AIIM, Air Force IT Conference, Delphi, IBM
Archiving organizations and Institutions
NYALGRO, NARA, Society of American Archivists
American Strategic Management Institute, American Association of Strategic Counsel, Canadian Institute

We generally deliver 2 or 3 presentations per month at various conferences. Check our calendar page to find out when and where we’re presenting. And please consider a RIMtech speaker for your next conference. Please contact us if you’d like a RIMtech educational presentation or workshop to contribute to the success of your next conference. Below are just some of the organizations who have benefited from RIMtech presentations in the past:

Vendor Neutral
We have no vendor ties or bias, and do not promote ourselves or our services
Real Life
We draw all our educational content from real-life experience. We try to minimize the theory while tell you what you need to know for your own real-world EDRMS project
We know EDRMS because that’s all we do. This concentration of unique skills, knowledge and experience allows us to impart truly valuable knowledge to your audience.
Up To Date
The technology changes constantly, We adapt our methods and techniques continuously in response to technology changes, so you’re always hearing the latest and greatest from your RIMtech expert

RIMtech speaks frequently at conferences around the world. As a thought leader in electronic recordkeeping, Bruce Miller is well known for his authoritative content and engaging style, thanks to an unmatched combination of technical and recordkeeping knowledge and experience. It takes more than good content to be an effective speaker. You have to be a good presenter. That’s an entirely different skill set that comes only from years of experience and practice. RIMtech presentations deliver quality, timely content in an engaging and informative manner. RIMtech conference presentations are:


RIMtech Educational Presentations