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Services Provider Certification Program

Among other things, a RIMtech-certified services provider is expected to deliver the following, as a minimum, to EDRMS projects:

How can you be certain if a services provider has been certified by RIMtech?

  1. The logo shown to the right indicates a services provider that has been certified. The provider will show this logo on their website only as long as their certification remains valid.
  2. From time to time, RIMtech will deliver additional “top-up” training to the provider, as deemed necessary by RIMtech in order to preserve the certification.
  3. A provider’s certification is only valid as long as their name appears on the official list of providers, as shown below on this page.
  4. RIMtech may revoke a provider’s certification if, in its sole discretion, the firm is not meetings its obligations, or is failing to provide services satisfactory to RIMtech, and following the failure of any remediation attempts.

Proof of Certification

To achieve certification, the services provider must have at all times a minimum of (2) individuals who have been trained on RIMtech’s EDRMS Implementation Methodology®. The designated (2) trainees must be fully skilled in the following roles:

  • ECM Specialist. Deep technical and operational knowledge of the host ECM platform, sufficient to design, configure, and deliver a complete solution custom-tailored to client requirements.
  • Project Management. ECM project management experience with the planning, execution, and delivery of sophisticated ECM-based client solutions.

As a vendor-neutral consultancy, RIMtech does not have any affiliation with, or preference towards, any ECM platform, or recordkeeping software offerings within the market. ECM platforms and recordkeeping offerings continually change within the marketplace. RIMtech’s EDRMS Implementation Methodology® is therefore independent of any ECM platform or recordkeeping software offering. Generally speaking, ECM services providers maintain various allegiances with ECM platforms and recordkeeping software vendors. These allegiances often shift with market conditions. RIMtech is agnostic to such allegiances – our goal is to help all ECM service providers deliver effective EDRMS solutions, regardless of the technology deployed.

Certified Providers

Vendor Neutrality

Most organizations today get their EDRMS (Electronic Document & Records Management System) solutions delivered not by software vendors, but by third-party ECM Services Providers. These are typically specialized consultancies aligned with an ECM platform from such vendors as HP, IBM, OpenText, or Microsoft. In the case of Microsoft services providers, they need to additionally align themselves with a recordkeeping software add-in product such as Collabware, Gimmal, RecordLion, or RecordPoint.

An EDRMS project calls for highly specialized skills, knowledge, and experience. RIMtech offers a Certified Services Provider (CSP) program, whereby services providers can be certified in RIMtech’s well-known EDRMS Implementation Methodology®. This certification means that RIMtech has, to our full satisfaction, trained the firm on our proprietary methodology, and the following general aspects of EDRMS implementation:

  • Project Management. Proper management of all aspects of a sophisticated EDRMS project.
  • Recordkeeping Science. The necessary language, concepts, and principles of modern electronic recordkeeping.
  • RIM Automation. The automation of recordkeeping to reduce end user participation and dependence.
  • Knowledge Transfer. RIMtech strongly believes that an effective EDRMS implementation means that you, the owner of the system, must be 100% comfortable in your understanding of, and operation of, the system long after the system has been deployed. This in turn means that the services provider has to deliver very strong training and coaching.
  • ECM Configuration. Any EDRMS solution rides above the ECM platform, therefore it’s absolutely critical that the ECM platform be configured and deployed properly not only for RIM compliance, but also to support enterprise-wide end user adoption. Without end user ECM adoption, there can be no EDRMS.

Competency Training

What Certification Means

Certification Requirements