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EDRMS Education Services

Electronic recordkeeping is a relatively new science, and the technology is often poorly understood. To help you reach a successful conclusion, RIMtech can educate stakeholders on all aspects of the technology, its application and limitations, and implementation challenges. We can deliver customized in-house training and workshops for your IM and RM teams that are highly tailored to your particular culture and technology platform.

  • Basic concepts and principles of electronic recordkeeping
  • Declaration and Classification approach and methods
  • RIMtech’s EDRMS Implementation Methodology®.
  • Lifecycle Management
  • SharePoint Integration with legacy RM systems
  • Product capability tutoring and training
  • Helping IT understand the importance, role, and function of e-records
  • Vendor product capabilities, limitations, challenges and opportunities
  • Recordkeeping compliance. How to achieve compliance with regulatory and legislative obligations.
  • Physical Records Management (PRM)

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