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The Compliance Suite product from Gimmal was the first pure recordkeeping add-in for SharePoint. Gimmal tends to focus on the large-scale end of the market. As of January 2014, this is the only SharePoint add-in that has achieved US DoD 5015.2 certification. Our RIMtar report is a comprehensive, high-level overview of Compliance Suite. Some of our observations on Gimmal’s Compliance Suite:

  • The license cost includes a license for Colligo’s Email Contributor. This means users can drag and drop an email directly from Outlook to SharePoint as a declared record. This is a high-value feature.
  • In order to achieve certification, Gimmal needed to utilize StoragePoint from Metalogix. With StoragePoint, declared records are stored outside the SharePoint database, allowing non-recoverable destruction, which is necessary for 5015.2 certification. Therefore if you wish to be fully 5015.2 compliant, you would have to purchase StoragePoint.
  • The compliance Suite integrates with SAP out of the box. This is extremely useful if you are a large organization with many of your case records (such as employees or contracts) stored in SAP. 
  • All declared records must reside in the SharePoint Records Center. There is no records-in-place capability.
  • Gimmal uses Iron Mountain’s Accutrac offering for Physical Records Management (PRM). A higher-end Compliance Suite license includes a copy of Accutrac. Gimmal’s Unified Records Management (URM) feature integrates its native electronic records with Accutrac physical records. If you happen to use Iron Mountain’s commercial records storage services, you’ll be able to seamlessly manage your offsite holdings from within SharePoint.Below is a screen capture from the Compliance Suite showing the File Plan Builder:

RIMtar Report

Gimmal Compliance Suite for Microsoft SharePoint