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This RIMtar report has two objectives:

  1. Define Minimum Requirements. Identify those ICA Module 2 requirements that RIMtech considers necessary for minimal acceptable operational recordkeeping viability.
  2. Assess EDRMS Software Compliance. Assess how the following two EDRMS solutions meet ICA Module 2 requirements:

                  OpenText Records Management

                  Microsoft SharePoint with a recordkeeping add-in

While there are many other EDRMS products that could potentially be deployed at GC agencies, RIMtech will consider only OpenText and SharePoint in this report. OpenText is the official vendor of record for GC, and is the incumbent product for EDRMS usage. Microsoft SharePoint is being deployed to some extent among smaller agencies, who are seeking ways to use SharePoint to manage their records. In addition, some agencies intend to combine the two products in a configuration such that SharePoint is used for document collaboration and collection, and OpenText Content Server is used as the records-compliant repository. 

ICA Module 2US DoD 5015.2
Perspective. Tends to be written from the archives point of view. Much focus and functional emphasis is on the process of transferring records to the Archives. Sophisticated, even exotic, capabilities to benefit the archivist
Perspective is from the originating agency. How to get records created, and how to get the disposition done. Minimal focus on transfer to Archives.
No software certification program. This is unlikely, due to required investment and overhead cost of a certification program
Software Certification program. Substantial program well funded by US DoD, with full-time staff and overhead.
Some requirements open to interpretation and somewhat vague. Different vendors would be free to interpret them as they see fit. Not well suited for software certification.
All requirements are well-defined and unambiguous. This minimizes the possibility of inconsistent interpretations from vendors. Suitable for software certification.
Traditional Commonwealth practices, concepts, language
New language, driven by American experiences and practices. Language and terms invented as needed.
Security is the basic, traditional commonwealth security schema. Same schema adopted many years ago by the Government of Canada
Entirely new and different security schema. Not only is it different, but it goes much further into advanced capabilities through the optional Chapter 4 requirements. Software vendors can be certified against these advanced security features

As of July 1 2010 the Government of Canada (GC), through its Treasury Board Secretariat, has established a Standard for Electronic Document and Records Management Solutions (EDRMS) requirements. According to the policy, the minimum EDRMS requirements are those set out in the International Council on Archives (ICA) “Principles and Functional Requirements for Records in Electronic Office Environments - Module 2”. This requirement, which we will refer to as ICA Module 2 can be downloaded from the ICA Website.

RIMtar Report

Government of Canada Electronic Recordkeeping Requirements - An Assessment