Where Software Meets Recordkeeping 

While too many projects have failed, the truth is – it’s easy to implement an EDRMS solution successfully. The RIMtech EDRMS Implementation Methodology calls for 4 steps in each of the following three stages:

​Stage 1    Policies. Change the attitude toward recordkeeping, and introduce new policies that form the driving force behind user adoption.

Stage 2    Procedures. Change existing document-handling procedures to reflect the new policies, and set the stage for using the software.

​Stage 3    Technology. Install and configure the software in accordance with the changed business procedures, to support end user qualification, declaration, and classification, the three ingredients of a successful EDRMS project.

Measureable Results

EDRMS Project Management

EDRMS projects are a mixture of Records Management, Enterprise COntent Management technology, software implementation, and enterprise change management. Following are typical project realities:

  • The RIM Manager does not have sufficient time, or means, to understand and master the RIM technology
  • Different team members have different interpretations of requirements
  • Different team members have different levels of understanding of the various project technology elements and components
  • The vendor does not understand the customer's RIM requirements
  • ECM is being deployed ahead of RIM
  • The organization does not have sufficient collective EDRMS project experience to reliably estimate the time and resources needed for proper deployment
  • End users are ambivalent toward the project

We know how to manage EDRMS projects. We will:

  • Ensure everyone is on the same page, speaking the same language
  • Assess and allocate needed resources
  • Educate team members to close their knowledge gaps
  • Liase with product vendors
  • Apply project management accountability and discipline
  • Develop and manage an effective deployment team with suitable resources