Where Software Meets Recordkeeping 

Engineering Services Firm

We supplied a go-forward strategy and roadmap for recordkeeping compliance for their SharePoint platform.

Insurance COmpany

We examined their technology platform for readiness for EDRMS usage. We provided a detailed EDRMS implementation roadmap and strategy for the ECM platform.

Energy Supply firm

We evaluated and helped share a retention schedule for EDRMS usage. We supplied a detailed implementation plan for EDRMS on a Documentum platform.


International Research Development Center, based on Ottawa, ON Canada. SharePoint + Gimmal implementation. Migration from OpenText legacy system.

Government Agency

We prepared a business case for an investment in EDRM technology. Based on the business case we later provided a roadmap, budget estimate, and executive presentation in support of the business case.

EDRMS Product Vendor

We advised the product development team on strategic development changes to achieve US DoD 5015.2 certification. The vendor later received certification for their product.


We assessed the organization's recordkeeping capabilities and readiness. We then supplied a detailed EDRMS roadmap and go-forward strategy, including product recommendations and a master implementation plan.

Large Public Utility

We examined their EDRMS implementation plan and recommended strategic changes for success. We evaluated their retention schedule and recommended changes to support EDRMS implementation. We provided a EDRMS strategy and roadmap based on Microsoft SharePoint 2013.

A Sample of Projects to date

Large Energy Supply Firm

We evaluated possible EDRMS products and shortlisted suitable candidates. We then provided expert guidance to the product selection committee, to facilitate final product selection.