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Effect of Tangible Capital Assets on Recordkeeping (for Municipalities)

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Recordkeeping for SharePoint

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Vendor-Neutral. RIMtech is not biased toward any product in any way. We do not sell or represent products, nor do we accept referral fees of any kind. 
We thoroughly apply sound recordkeeping principles, practices, and methods to every product or standard we evaluate. We apply not only traditional recordkeeping principles, but the uniquely different principles of electronic recordkeeping.
Overviews are useful, but RIMtech strives to dig deep and get at the essence of the product. We want to know not just what it does, but how it does it, and how well it does it. We seek to identify the important elements of the product, and bring them into sharp focus. 
We carefully study individual elements of a product, as well as the greater whole. We then construct a thoughtful analysis of the product, focusing on the things we believe to matter the most. We do not rely on assumptions or generalities.

If you are a consumer, consider a contract report for a thorough and comprehensive assessment and opinion of a product you may be considering for your EDRMS project. If you are a vendor, consider a contract report for independent, unbiased and knowledgeable opinion on your product, and how it compares to competitive products in the market.RIMtech is vendor-neutral. We do not sell any products or derive any benefit from the manufacturers. We cooperate equally with all software vendors without bias. We strive to maintain an open and appropriate relationship with all vendors. All RIMTAR© reports are:
Annual subscription for a RIMtar report and (2) updates per year. RIMtech is closely monitoring this topic and releases an update every six months with significant new observations or developments. A great way to stay on top of a product or technology that’s important to your EDRMS project.
Developed under contract to a RIMtech client. We will write a report on the EDRMS technology or topic of your choosing. We will focus on the aspects that matter the most to you, and apply our full independent analysis to the topic at hand. Copyright and content owned by client.




Available at no charge upon request. Copyright owned by RIMtech. 
A RIMTAR© is a RIMtech Technology Assessment Report. We produce these reports from time to time on technology products, standards or topics that we believe are critical to modern electronic recordkeeping. We write reports about recordkeeping software products, standards, methodologies, and ancillary products that help with electronic recordkeeping, such as data migration tools, automatic classification tools, etc. All reports are supplied in electronic form (PDF) only. Each RIMTAR© is an objective, authoritative, detailed, substantive technical analysis of the subject software technology. We produce three types of RIMtar reports:

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