Where Software Meets Recordkeeping 

While too many projects have failed, the truth is – it’s easy to implement an EDRMS solution successfully. The RIMtech EDRMS Implementation Methodology calls for 4 steps in each of the following three stages:

​Stage 1    Policies. Change the attitude toward recordkeeping, and introduce new policies that form the driving force behind user adoption.

Stage 2    Procedures. Change existing document-handling procedures to reflect the new policies, and set the stage for using the software.

​Stage 3    Technology. Install and configure the software in accordance with the changed business procedures, to support end user qualification, declaration, and classification, the three ingredients of a successful EDRMS project.

The RIMtech EDRMS Implementation Methodology is a well-defined 12-step process based on the 3-stage governance framework as shown to the left. Each governance step calls for 4 discrete steps to be carried out. Each of the three stages (People, Procedures, and Technology are independently measured for success before proceeding to the following stage. This removes the risk of failure, ensuring you are constantly building on success. 

A full two-thirds of the effort in the methodology revolves around organizational change management that has little to do with the technology. This is what RIMtech has learned -- EDRMS projects are about far more than just technology.

Roughly 90% of the effort, resources, and costs of a typical EDRMS project directly involve recordkeeping. The remaining 90% or so involves the underlying ECM platform (upon which the EDRMS is based). We realize that this critical 10% exherts a massive and lasting impact on the remaining 90%. 

Measureable Results

RIMtech's EDRMS Implementation Methodology

A successful electronic recordkeeping project requires a significant emphasis on business culture and organizational change, concrete measurement of goals and outcomes, and complete command of the software technology’s capabilities and limitations, all within a consistent governance framework. The RIM component of EDRMS software may be only 10% or so, however this 10% greatly impacts the remaining 90%. RIMtech’s 12-step EDRMS Implementation Methodology© delivers the structure, rigour, and discipline needed for implementation success, regardless of the technology used or the particular corporate RIM culture. This methodology is a highly adaptable, fully compliant information governance plan that takes into account the people, policies, business procedures, and RIM/EDRMS technology in order to ensure a successful implementation. Most importantly, it utilizes well-defined concrete measures to ensure ongoing successful compliance that meets your business needs.