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This book is a definitive and authoritative source for everything you need to understand about modern electronic recordkeeping. It is also a prerequsite for the follow-on book EDRMS Implementation

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Best-selling author Bruce Miller has been an award-winning pioneer in the development of electronic recordkeeping software for most of his career. He has worked on little else for more than 20+ years. He has travelled the world educating the industry on electronic recordkeeping. Now he has captured this knowledge and experience in a ground-breaking new book The Science of Electronic Recordkeeping. In development for more than 10 years, this text clearly articulates all the technical and information management concepts, principles, definitions, and measures of modern electronic recordkeeping. The book includes:

  1. Over 100 definitions

  2. Key concepts of electronic recordkeeping such as declaration, classification

  3. A generalized model of electronic recordkeeping

  4. Key performance metrics - definition and measurement techniques

  5. Supporting diagrams of the application of electronic records

  6. Role of email and other forms of digital communication

  7. Examination of commercial vs government requirements

The Science of Electronic Recordkeeping

A book by Bruce Miller