Where Software Meets Recordkeeping 

EDRMS – Introduction and Overview
Essential elements of an EDRMS Project. Key objectives.
EDRMS Project Implementation Fundamentals
Real-world obstacles and barriers to success
Electronic Recordkeeping Fundamentals
What you need to understand about the science of electronic recordkeeping. Key concepts, principles, and measures
Repository Governance
Review and develop a basic governance model that establishes a strong, permanent foundation for EDRMS
The EDRMS Model
Understand the various elements of an EDRMS project as a “system” and learn its components and how they are interdependent. Understand the different record flows and how to effectively control and harness them
Implementation Fundamentals
Review fundamental principles and tenets common to all EDRMS projects, including common implementation mistakes.
The RIMtechEDRMS Implementation methodology
A comprehensive walk-through of the methodology, covering the three stages of Policy, Procedure, and Technology.
Roles and Responsibilities
Examine needed changes in the roles of IT and RIM professionals
EDRMS Project Management Tool
Track required resources and costs with a project modelling tool, using a hypothetical 1,000-person organization


No special knowledge of recordkeeping or IT is required.

Who Will Benefit

All EDRMS project stakeholders will benefit from this workshop, including records management professionals, IT managers and specialists, project managers, executive management, and compliance officers.

Topic OutLine

The table below give a high-level topic outline:

•    Develop a detailed EDRMS roadmap and project implementation plan
•    Identify and avoid repeating common EDRMS implementation mistakes
•    Overcome limitations of the EDRMS software
•    Change the role of the RIM practitioner to support permanent EDRMS success
•    Achieve full user adoption
•    Estimate budget and resource requirements
•    Meet measurable recordkeeping targets
​•    Apply best practices for the implementation of electronic record keeping solutions.

Learn how to successfully implement large and complex Electronic Document & Recordkeeping Management Systems in this comprehensive and interactive two-day workshop delivered by Bruce Miller, best-selling author and world leading expert in electronic recordkeeping. Work through a detailed 12-Step EDRMS Methodology and use an EDRMS Project Modelling Tool to facilitate successful implementation. Discover how to avoid common implementation mistakes, overcome common barriers to user adoption, how to produce a detailed EDRMS Project Plan, and produce a detailed project Roadmap for stakeholders. This is a technology-neutral session – applicable regardless of EDRMS product brand.

If you’ve seen the videocast of RIMtech’s methodology, this workshop provides the depth you need to launch your EDRMS project. This workshop is highly interactive. Using a hypothetical 1000-person organization as a working model, participants will gain insight into core electronic recordkeeping concepts and principles. Participants are assigned specific roles and engage in critical project discussions and decisions. Participants walk through a hypothetical implementation project featuring typical project roadblocks and problems that must be overcome. Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

THe Rimtech EDRMS IMplementation Methodology

A 2-Day Seminar