Where Software Meets Recordkeeping 

SharePoint (SP) 2013 and Content Server (CS) 2010 Concepts
The key operational concepts you’ll need to know to understand how to integrate successfully
Key e-Records Concepts and measures
Key electronic recordkeeping concepts and principles relevant to all EDRMS projects, and the critical measures for successful deployment
SharePoint Configuration
The essential configuration of SharePoint in support of integration
Overview of OpenText Application Governance and Archiving (AGA)
Introduction to AGA and its capabilities and limitations – how it facilitates integration with SharePoint 2010
Integration Modes
The four modes of integration operation
Interactive vs. Automatic Integration
Manual (Interactive) versus process-driven (Automatic) declaration of SharePoint documents into CS 2010 as records
Recordkeeping Considerations
Understand and manage record metadata, security, audit trails
Search and Retrieval
Methods and considerations of searching for records and non-records from each platform
How to customize and extend the integration for special recordkeeping requirements


No special knowledge of recordkeeping or IT is required.

Who Will Benefit

Anyone with both Content Server and SharePoint, with a concern for recordkeeping, will benefit from this workshop, including records management professionals, IT managers and specialists, project managers, executive management, and compliance officers.

Topic OutLine

The table below give a high-level topic outline:

•    Understand the capabilities and limitations of the OpenText Application Archiving and Governance offering

•    Understand the recordkeeping roles and limits of each of the two products

•    Configure SharePoint appropriately in support of an integration

•    Learn the different modes of records flow between the two products

•    Define and deploy manual versus automatic declaration of SharePoint documents into OpenText

•    Configure Case vs Subject records files

•    Manage and track document metadata, security, and audit data between the two products

•    Search records and non-records from either platform

Learn how to successfully integrate OpenText Content Server 2010 with SharePoint 2010 in this intense 1-day workshop. Content Server 2010 is a mature, fully records-compliant enterprise Content System. Microsoft’s SharePoint is used in many organizations for document collaboration and production. How can you deploy Content Server 2010 for recordkeeping in a SharePoint 2010 setting? In this workshop you’ll learn how the two products are integrated, and develop best practice strategies for managing SharePoint documents as records with Content Server 2010. OpenText integrates with SharePoint via its product offering known as AGA (Application Governance and Archiving for Microsoft SharePoint). In this session we strongly focus on the recordkeeping considerations in using AGA. Understand the recordkeeping capabilities and limitations of the two products, as well as how to control and manage the flow of records between the two products. This workshop is highly interactive and will deliver the knowledge you’ll need to plan and execute a successful deployment of OpenText with SharePoint, and achieve recordkeeping compliance. Upon completion, participants will be able to:

Integrating OpenText With Microsoft SharePoint

A 1-Day Seminar