Where Software Meets Recordkeeping 

EDRMS – Introduction and Overview
Essential elements of an EDRMS Project. Key objectives.
EDRMS Project Implementation Fundamentals
Real-world obstacles and barriers to success
Electronic Recordkeeping Fundamentals
What you need to understand about the science of electronic recordkeeping. Key concepts, principles, and measures
SharePoint Governance
Review and develop a basic governance model that establishes a strong, permanent foundation for EDRMS
The EDRMS Model
Understand the various elements of an EDRMS project as a “system” and learn its components and how they are interdependent. Understand the different record flows and how to effectively control and harness them
Email Handling
Use of third-party plug-ins to overcome lack of email integration in SharePoint.


Review of the (3) types of disposition
Records Centre
Records Centre vs In-place. RC configuration scenarios
EDRMS Project Management 
A high-level overview of resources and costs, using a hypothetical 1,000-person organization


No special knowledge of recordkeeping or IT is required.

Who Will Benefit

All EDRMS project stakeholders will benefit from this workshop, including records management professionals, IT managers and specialists, project managers, executive management, and compliance officers.

Topic OutLine

The table below give a high-level topic outline:

•    Assess SharePoint’s out-of-box capabilities against your particular RIM requirements and quantify the specific limitations you will have to overcome.
•    Understand which SharePoint recordkeeping functions to adopt, and which to avoid.
•    Understand Microsoft’s unique language of recordkeeping and translate it to traditional RIM language
•    Form a clear, detailed roadmap for overcoming out-of-box RIM limitations, including detailed SharePoint customization and configuration requirements.
•    Define and configure records declaration strategies and methods
•    Understand leading 3rd party RIM add -ins and their role in achieving RIM compliance
•    Understand and apply the crucial difference between case and administrative (subject) record types
​•    Apply a structured, well-defined approach to EDRMS project implementation

Learn the unbiased, unvarnished recordkeeping capabilities and limitations of SharePoint in this highly detailed and interactive workshop. Look under the hood and see exactly where Microsoft has both succeeded and missed the mark with recordkeeping. Compare SharePoint’s out-of-box capabilities against commercial and government  requirements. Work through a detailed roadmap for successful RIM implementation with SharePoint, using a hypothetical 1,000-user organization. Examine what 3rd party SharePoint recordkeeping plug-ins will deliver. Form a clear, detailed strategy for SharePoint 2010 implementation for full recordkeeping compliance. Upon completion, participants will be able to:

Managing Records with Microsoft SharePoint

A 2-Day Seminar

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