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Save the travel expenses and have us come to you! Spread the investment across many more of your team members and affected users.


Reach more EDRMS project stakeholders and impacted end users, including RIM professionals, IT staff, compliance officers, and anyone with an interest in the project.


We will address your particular technology platform, and its specific capabilities and limitations.


Every business presents different challenges, and we will take your particular business structure, challenges, and culture into account and shape our approach accordingly.

RIMtech can bring high-impact educational seminars directly to your EDRMS project team, on your premises. We can greatly increase your odds of project success, and give your team the confidence and the tools to deliver results on time and on budget. Even better, we can tailor the content to your particular technology platform, and take into account your specific business culture and challenges. There are many benefits of a customized on-premises custom educational seminar:

We can customize and configure our training to any topic you feel would facilitate your team's efforts. The following topics are popular in EDRMS project teams: 

  • Basic concepts and principles of electronic recordkeeping
  • Declaration and Classification approach and methods
  • RIMtech’s EDRMS Implementation Methodology®.Lifecycle Management
  • Integration with legacy RM systems
  • Product capability tutoring and training
  • Target system data mapping
  • Vendor product capabilities, limitations, challenges and opportunities
  • Recordkeeping compliance. How to achieve compliance with regulatory and legislative obligations.Physical Records Management (PRM)

Contact us to find out how RIMtech can deliver customized training to enable your EDRMS team members on their way to delivering verifiable project success.

EDRMS Educational Seminars - Custom