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All RIMtech educational seminars begin with the essential RIM principles, concepts, and definitions needed for attendees to quickly arrive at an equal level of understanding, while speaking the same language. Then the main seminar topic is thoroughly explained and illustrated with examples, using a hypothetical case study as a learning guide. Attendees are constantly engaged in discussions of key issues and decisions. No special knowledge is required to attend any RIMtech seminars. All EDRMS project stakeholders can benefit greatly from RIMtech seminars, including legal counsel, executives, and IT specialists, as well as RIM practitioners.

We generally deliver one seminar each month throughout the year, except for July and August. In 2013, RIMtech delivered a 1.5-day ARMA International sanctioned seminar on Recordkeeping for SharePoint as part of ARMA International’s Roadshow Series. The session was delivered in Los Angeles, Kansas City, New York City, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. We also deliver customized seminar under contract dorectly to your EDRMS team, at your office. 

Below are the EDRMS Educational Seminars currently on offer. Click on a seminar below

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•    Duration 1 day or 2 days

•    Solid background of the science of electronic recordkeeping

•    RIMtech EDRMS Implementation Methodology

•    Real-life practical examples and experiences from actual EDRMS projects.

•    Highly interactive

•    Utilizes the case study method of learning

•    Accredited by ARMA International for optional Certificate (specified sessions). Learn More.....

•    Participants receive an official RIMtech Certificate of Completion

Attendee Comments

This was one of the most engaging & informative seminars I can remember attending. I got a lot of great takeaways & can enthusiastically tell my employer that this was a productive use of my time & training dollars.”.
“Very informative and beneficial. I wish I had this training prior to implementing our project.​"
“Thank you! This course hit the nail on the head – it touched on many of the issues that I see in the workplace and provided me with the guidance and affirmation that will help me to manage these issues. Awesome
“Unbelievable workshop. I paid 1/3rd of its true value. "

EDRMS Seminars

RIMtech’s EDRMS educational seminars are renowned throughout the world. Delivered in various cities in the USA and Canada, people come from around the globe for the best and very latest EDRMS education. Delivered by RIMtech principal and leading EDMRS expert Bruce Miller, these seminars feature: